I couldn't go to DC with the freedom convoy protesting mandates, but I did show my support as they t


I'm a blue collar Wyomingite that believes it's time for We The People to stand up and get active!

What does that mean?

Do more than just vote!

NON-violent action...run for office, work for candidates that will support the Constitution, attend political party/govt./local group meetings!

Americans and Wyomingites specifically MUST get involved to stop government overreach and party-before-what's-right politics!

More about me:

I'm a professional truckdriver for an oilfield services company in Cheyenne that enthusiastically supports my candidacy. I'm a father, Christian, and Constitutional Conservative.

I came to Wyoming in 2014 to work and fell in love with the state. I went back to Alabama when my employer went out of business and was miserable there until I came back to Wyoming in 2017. This will be my home as long as I live.

I've been a conservative since 1980 when I cast my first vote for Ronald Reagan as an 18 year old from a Democrat family that thought I was nuts. (In 1984 my dad voted for him too!)

I have supported and been disappointed by several Republicans since then. I believe in "saying what you mean and meaning what you say"!

Almost all elected Republicans can talk the talk. We need more that will actually walk the walk! By that I mean that they need to actually govern with the principles they claim to believe in...."little" things like protecting individual freedom, being frugal with taxpayers' money, and not allowing soft tyranny to creep in because it caters to those that want government to solve all problems. The real problem is, government has caused most of the problems We The People have to deal with in our everyday lives!

Excessive taxation, regulations, and across the board inflation are all examples of government created problems we live with every day.

I decided I needed to do more than just vote. If anything I have said resonates with you, I would appreciate your vote, support, and any contribution of time or money you can afford to make in order to help me get elected.

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