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Recommendations from friends and acquaintances that have known me for years.

Bobby L., Alabama:

"As a person who has known Don Odom for 20 plus years and I know the man well enough to make the following recommendation. First Don is a man of his word, a mans man who would serve the citizens of Wyoming with honor, dignity and respect that is sorely missing in today's political climate. You will never regret voting for Don and if I lived in Wyoming and in the district not only I vote for him but work hard to see that Don is elected."


Stephen M., Alabama:

"I've known Don for over 15 years. He is a man born 100 years late. He is a man of his word and excellent character. A vote for Don is a vote to return to principles and integrity. "


Deborah I., Alabama... who knew me from my Tea Party activities and wrote this recommendation 10 years ago.

"Don is a very goal oriented manager; very detail minded and very efficient in coordinating; promoting; and executing a nonprofit event. He is very consciencous and extremely well organized, dedicated and devoted to any project he is involved in. Don is definitely someone you want on your team, either as a Leader, or member. He leaves no detail left undone. Creative, and determined."


Michelle C., Pennsylvania:

"Don Odom and I have been FB friends for many years. Belonging to some of the same groups together, we've become friends within a tighter circle. Don not only cares deeply about the country but the citizens and the Constitution. He also has the heart to be quite personable on a one on one level with his acquaintances. He's a hard worker and strives to make the best out if the situations life throws at all of us. Perserverance is a word that comes to mind when I think about Don. Don is the type to get things done and to help and encourage others to do the same. He's not one to sit back and watch others struggle and fail. He right there getting in the thick of it to guide and assist and to gain some of his own insight along the way."


Nellie H., Wyoming:  

"I have known Don for several years having worked with him at the same oilfield service company. In that time I have come to know Don as an upright, educated and highly intuitive man. He literally lives his slogan in that he says what he means and means what he says! He's compassionate but has a backbone. He won't compromise your investment in him. I have a tendency to invest a great deal of myself in my friendships and I've never believed it was for nothing with Don. I have no qualms about supporting and promoting Don and he will 100% have my vote!"


Arthur M., Alabama

(another acquaintance from my Tea Party days and his recommendation back then)

"I became familiar with Don through his organization and direction of a local political group. I attended multiple functions which Don organized that were always well structured and professionally operated. The goal was to provide a professional yet informative medium through which to pass important information from politicians to the general public and Don was instrumental in achieving that goal."