Don on the Issues

As a candidate, I want my potential constituents to know where I stand on the issues clearly with no double talk.  If you don't see an issue that concerns you here, please click the "other issues" button below to let me know what concerns you.

I believe a candidate for public office should clearly and concisely explain their positions on the issues so voters can make an educated choice based on truth.

If a candidate can only speak in generalities and double-talk, they are weak willed with no core principles in my opinion and will follow the whims of media, emotion, and putting their own political career ahead of We The People. It is time for conservatives with a backbone to take back our state and country from liberals and RINO conservatives of convenience. 

The Right to Keep and Bear Arms

I believe all efforts to repeal, water down, or ignore the 2nd amendment should be resisted with every ounce of willpower, strength, and intelligence at our disposal.

The Founding Fathers didn't include that amendment so we could have guns for hunting. It was done so We The People would retain the ability to resist tyranny, whether foreign or domestic. I believe gun free zones are Unconstitutional areas that encourage gun violence by criminals. The very definition of criminal is someone that ignores laws....more laws do nothing!


I believe in using American Oil, Gas, Coal, Nuclear, Solar, Wind, & Hydroelectric Energy on American Soil. Energy Independence is a National Security MUST. Begging foreign leaders to produce more energy for us is UN-AMERICAN!!
All avenues of producing energy should be used as long as the production is done efficiently with the safety of the employees, protection of the surrounding residents, and judicious care for the environment are the first priorities of the producers. Furthermore, NO SUBSIDIES. Energy should be produced in the free market with voluntary investment by private citizens and corporations....not by taxpayer funding.

Speaking of the environment, as an avid outdoorsman, I enjoy hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, and visiting historic sites here in our beautiful state. I believe we should protect the ability of future generations to enjoy these activities while utilizing our natural resources. 

Individual Freedom

I believe it is the responsibility of your representatives at the state level to withstand government overreach both from within the state and by the federal government. It is the sworn duty of elected officials here to uphold the U.S. and Wyoming Constitutions that are written guarantees that our God-given rights will not be infringed upon by government.

These rights include ALL enumerated in the Bill of Rights plus any others that are reserved to the states or We The People.


I am Pro-Life with exceptions only allowed in cases of rape, incest, or imminent threat to the mother's life.


I believe Medical Marijuana should be legalized. It is my opinion that pharmaceutical companies have lined politicians pockets for decades to prevent this. I know patients that have been prescribed numerous drugs that just traded the symptoms of their sickness for the bad side effects of pharmaceutically produced drugs. Once they were allowed to use medical marijuana, they were able to get off many of the medications. Their pain level decreased significantly while their quality of life increased immensely.


I believe schools need to remember they work FOR parents to educate the parents' children. The schools job is to teach reading, math, science, history, proper English NOT sexual identity and gender wokeness...and I would like to see more life skills like home ec, shop, household finances, gun safety, etc. taught.  
Parents should be the final word on what is being taught to their children.  Complaining at a school board meeting does not make a parent a terrorist. 
I believe as a Wyoming State Representative that it will be my job to resist any federal policies that are detrimental to our children's education. 


I believe government mandates are Unconstitutional and weak willed GOP politicians that went along without putting up a fight should be voted out.


I will NEVER vote for a state income tax in Wyoming!

I WILL vote to reform our property tax system so that Wyomingites are NOT being priced out of their homes by an excessive tax burden!  

I believe spending should always be assessed for efficiency, constitutionality, and plain old need before there is any discussion about bringing in more revenue(AKA taxes)!

Wyoming Values

I am for upholding traditional values.

No biological boys competing against girls in sports.

No teaching children "woke" gender, pronoun, and sexual ridiculousness. 

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